Quick Guide to Linking Accounts with Yodlee

This is a good FAQ to read before you link your accounts with Yodlee or you were a little confused when you did so.

There are essentially three steps:

  1. Looking up and authenticating access to your bank & credit card accounts with Yodlee
  2. Matching your existing Linked accounts to Yodlee accounts
  3. Adding any Yodlee accounts as new Cheqbook Linked accounts.

In the first step, you can continue to add banks and authenticate them without leaving Yodlee.  We find it best to let Yodlee finish (the spinning wait symbols will stop) and it shows you all the accounts you were expecting to find at each financial institution.

Once this is done, you close the Yodlee window and the second and third steps you'll handle in Cheqbook.

For the second step, the goal is to link your existing Cheqbook accounts listed on the left, with the correct matching Yodlee bank account.  Next to each Cheqbook account is a drop down box, from which you select the matching Yodlee account.  You only have to do this once, so there may be no changes to this step 2 screen.

For the third step, the remaining unlinked Yodlee accounts are all listed.  The purpose of this final screen is to create NEW linked cheqbook accounts from ONLY those Yodlee connections you want to add.  If you did not intend to add new Yodlee accounts to your set of books, then again "no changes" is the proper choice.

With this three step system: authentication, matching, and adding you're able to easily manage all the bank connections in your company.

Let's run through some quick scenarios to emphasize this:

Scenario one: you're an existing Cheqbook user linking to Yodlee for the first time. Start by authenticating all your accounts with Yodlee, then in step two match your linked accounts to the proper Yodlee accounts. Do nothing in step 3.

Scenario two: you're a new Cheqbook user linking to Yodlee for the first time.  As above start by authenticating your accounts with Yodlee, the system will SKIP step two (as you have no existing Linked accounts yet), and in step three add the accounts you need.

Scenario three: you're an existing Cheqbook user and want to link a new bank account to your books.  After authenticating with Yodlee, SKIP step two (no changes) then in step three check the box next to the Yodlee account you want to add as a linked account.

This three step process makes sure that all our users can manage their linked accounts.

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