How to accept online payments via Veracity Payment Solutions

Cheqbook can accept online payments via Veracity Payment Solutions for your invoices using the following steps.

- If you have not already, go to and request a quote. After you have registered with Veracity Payment Solutions, you should recieve the necessary credentials to add to Cheqbook below.

- Login to Cheqbook at

- Select the company you want to work with

- Click Invoices

- Click Online Payment

- Click Accept Payments via Veracity Payment Solutions

- Enter the following information you received from Veracity.

  • Veracity Client ID
  • Veracity UserName
  • Veracity Password
  • Veracity Client ID

- Click Save

- From this point forward, any invoice you send  by email will include a blue "Pay by Credit Card" button when your customers can pay you.

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    Mara Alexander

    Why on earth did you choose Veracity? You have to contact someone for a quote, their website is full of buzzword double-speak... not anyone I'd ever want to do business with. there are plenty of well-known 3rd party processes out there who give prices/discounts on their website is plain English. Even PayPal does that.


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