More Troublesome Bank Connections (level 2)

This FAQ is to help those users who have gone thought the following basic steps but are still having trouble linking their bank accounts to Cheqbook.

If you're trying to add a bank for the first time, and you've gone through the steps in that FAQ, it's a sign you'll have problems with staying linked to that financial institution.  There are 18,000 banks we connect to through our partner Intuit, but some don't work well.  

  1. Delete any attempts to link an account and start from scratch.  That sometimes works if the submission was interrupted before establishing that first, clean connection.  
  2. If it's a small regional bank, try again in a few days or a few weeks.  We don't suggest you submit a ticket, we have to admit we don't have the resources to support all 18,000 banks and we've found the problem is usually solved by Intuit within 6-8 weeks (yes, weeks see note*).  You could also try connecting a different bank account.
  3. If it's a large major bank, please submit a ticket.  We do have the resources and want to know if a major bank like Bank of America or Chase is not working.  Your ticket will allow us to research it.

HOWEVER, if this is an existing linked bank account that stopped working, different errors can occur.

  1. If you're getting an "Action Required" warning, that account needs to be re-authenticated.  This can happen for over a dozen reasons, including change of password, too many failed logins, incorrect security questions, the bank changed it's sign on protocols, or other handshaking errors.  Please follow the prompts to do so and the problem will usually correct itself, but see note* below.
  2. If your bank changes the "name" of the account in their online banking system, what you will see is Cheqbook regularly connecting but no new transactions are being downloaded.  Notify of this right away noting the bank account that's causing problems and we will do a "reset" of the connection.  This clears the mapping from the previous bank "name" and allows you to map it back to the correct linked account in Cheqbook.  This requires a re-authentication.  An account "name" varies, sometimes "Free Business Checking" becomes "Economy Business Checking" or suchlike.  This error is surprisingly common but easy to fix.
  3. If you're getting any other errors, please submit a ticket with a complete description.  We will advise as soon as possible but connection issues usually take several weeks to fix at best.

In the meantime, you can still import transactions using this method:

WARNING: if you import transactions to a linked account, be sure to RECONCILE through the date of import immediately or the transactions will duplicate when the connection is reestablished.  Cheqbook will not accept new transactions after the date of the last reconciled transactions, so that's a great way to avoid this problem.

*Note: every time your local bank changes their security procedures or ANY other aspect of their online website, Intuit has to rework their code to get your data.  This can take 6-8 weeks, and result in data errors until they get it right.  We here at Cheqbook often get the brunt of that frustration, because your Cheqbook account isn't getting data or can't connect, but we have no control over it.  We don't handle the connection to your online banking, Intuit does and with 18,000 financial institutions updating their online banking they have a continuous challenge on their hands.  Please be patient.

Hopefully this helps.  This is amazing time saving technology, when it works.  It gets slowly better over time, but some banks are very difficult.  We use Cheqbook ourselves, and have learned the hard way which of our local banks work and which ones don't.  Good luck!

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    Shad Woodland

    I'm local on a oahu. Which local banks do you recommend and not recommend for seamless interface with intuit?

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