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Create a new invoice or estimate to send to your customers.



An invoice (sales invoice) is a document requesting payment for products and services. In this case, a sales invoice is applied to Customers of the Cheqbook user. Bills are documents where the Cheqbook user is being asked to pay. Invoices are documents where a Customer of the Cheqbook user is being asked to pay. The invoice usually includes the products/services, quantities, prices, and payment terms.



New Invoice: Create a new Invoice or Estimate.

Manage Items: Create or Manage Items.

Manage Taxes: Create or Manage Taxes.

Messages: Edit the default text to be included with invoice or estimate when they are emailed.

Default Values: Edit the default due date, invoice subject, and invoice notes for new invoices.

Online Payment: Edit the online payment status and configuration for getting invoices paid online.

Enter Invoice Information: Enter invoice information in the following fields.

  • Subject: Enter a brief subject.
  • Number: Automatically indexed to the next number. This field is required
  • Issue Date: Enter the date that you create the invoice. It is automatically set to today's date.
  • Due date: Enter the due date. Click on the date field to access the calendar date picker.
  • Customer: Select a customer from the drop down list. If the customer does not appear on the list, click "New" to add the customer to the list
  • Recurring Period: Select the period/interval for this invoice to be automatically sent as a recurring invoice
  • Status: Select Draft, Estimate, or Sent.
  • Discount: Enter the percent discount for this invoice.

Enter Line Items for the invoice: Enter line item information in the following fields.

  • Type: Select the type of line item from the drop down list. If the line item category does not exist, then click the green "+" sign to add a new line item to the list.
  • Description: Enter a description of the line item.
  • Quantity: Enter the quantity number for that line item.
  • Unit Price: Enter the unit price for that line item.
  • Taxable: Check the checkbox if the line item is taxable.
  • Add Item: Click "+Add Item" to add a line item to the invoice.
  • Tax: Select the tax rate for the taxable amount. if the tax rate does not exist, click on the green "+" sign to add the tax rate to the list.
  • Notes: Enter a note to be printed on the invoice.

Save: Click "Save" to save the invoice.

Save and New: Click "Save and New" to save the invoice and start another.

Email: Click "Email" to email the invoice to your customer.

Print: Click "Print" to print the invoice for mailing.

Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel the current changes.


Additional Resources:

Wikipedia Invoice

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    Meghan Gould

    hi is it possible to add a logo to invoices?



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