Linking your existing accounts with MX

If you see the  Screen_Shot_2021-10-20_at_2.39.23_PM.png  icon showing next to your company or account it is time to re-authenticate your account with our new data provider for more reliable connectivity. This is a simple 2 step process:

NOTE: Prior to starting this process a best practice we recommend is reconciling your accounts. 

Step 1: Link your account by logging in to your bank or financial institution

Step 2: Match the now linked accounts with the exiting cheqbook accounts

More detailed guidance follows.


Step 1: Link your account by logging in to your financial institution. This may require access to your cell phone for 2-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication.

Start by clinking the "Action Required" button next to your account. This will launch data access powered by MX.


Linking is the first step in connecting your bank accounts through our new provider so Cheqbook can automatically download your transactions. You are prompted for your bank name, login credentials, and any special authentication to gain access to your bank's transactional data.Screenshot_2021-10-19_20.04.38.png


Step 2: Match the linked accounts to existing Cheqbook Accounts.


Matching rarely needs to be updated except when you have pre-existing Cheqbook accounts and you have to match them to newly linked bank accounts. Our data provider change will trigger a need to re-match existing accounts. 

After our provider change, the most common reason for matching is if your Cheqbook account is archived (at any point - if you unarchive and start using it again all the bank links need to be re-matched).   It can also happen if your bank totally overhauls its website.


Let's run through some quick scenarios to emphasize this: (Scenario 3 is detailed on this page)

Scenario one: you're a new Cheqbook user linking a bank for the first time.  Start by linking your first bank account, the system will SKIP matching (as you have no existing Linked accounts yet), and in a step three you "Pick New Accounts to Add to Cheqbook" that you want.

Scenario two: you're an existing Cheqbook user linking a new bank for the first time.  This will be the same as Scenario one, except the Matching screen will come up as you have existing accounts, but in your case you don't need it for your task.  Just move ahead to the Pick New Accounts screen.  There you'll select the accounts available at that bank you want to add.  

Scenario three: you're an existing Cheqbook user and have to match an existing Cheqbook account to a newly re-linked bank.  After linking the bank again in step one, in step two use the drop down boxes on the Match Your Accounts screen that are on the right of your existing Cheqbook accounts to select (match!) the correct bank account for each one that needs it.  Step three Pick New Accounts will come up after you save this mapping, but you will not need it unless you're also adding a new account with that hadn't been added before.


Update for Transition to MX

On October 24th, 2021 our old data provider Yodlee will be turned off, and you will have to re-authenticate all your bank accounts.  The key step will be MATCHING.  After you've re-established a link to each bank with our new provider MX, you will use the Matching screen to identify which Cheqbook account and bank account are to be connected.  Repeat for each bank you have connections to, in each set of books. 





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    Harley Hochstetler

    Where's the info on what to do with missing banks and other financial institutions? Where's the support for this change? This really sucks as I did not see any notifications of this change that's destroyed all that I've set up.

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