How long does it take to add my bank account?

After following the welcome prompts to help me set up Cheqbook with my bank account, I logged in properly and it authenticated my credentials. It then found one (the only) account with my bank and then asked me to name it.

I was then taken to a screen showing me the orange progress bar where it says its "Connecting to *Account Name* " and "Checking for New Transactions" but it just hangs there. I've had the screen up for 20 minutes now and its not going any further.

I tried this earlier, and thought maybe the servers processed my request and just didn't update the page so I closed the page and re-logged in. The account (named with my previous name and bank information) appeared on my Dashboard but did not contain any of my account transactions. [ I'm also now having a difficult time finding a way to delete the previous bank account, but that's another help ticket altogether... ] 

I trust that the developers would have coded in catches if there was a problem with my computer not accepting cookies or java permissions, and the site would tell me if I needed to have any of those changed.

Even though this is a fairly new service with great appeal, I don't think the servers are under such a heavy load such that requests could get lost or time out.

Is this a common problem or do I need to try something on my end, like a different browser?


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