does cheqbook support construction accounting?

Zero, Wave, Freshbooks, WorkingPoint all seem to fall down on this.  For companies with things or services to sell, it's a simpler world:  create invoice, track payments, allocate expenses, etc.   It's a bit different in construction.  I saw a "Construction in Progress" in the chart of accounts, giving me some hope.  Here is the functionality needed....

When a house is being constructed (for sale, not custom), it's all about tracking the expenses.  Those expenses must be paid and debited against checking.  However, such expenses cannot be offset against any other income other than the proceeds of the sale of the house.  Until the sale, the expenses are prepaid assets, and must be matched to the sale proceeds.  When the house is sold, the prepaid expenses are deducted (expensed?) against the sale proceeds, ideally providing a profit... 

Whenever reports are run, it is important to show these "expenses" accurately.  An income statement cannot show them as deductions against income even though incurred in a reporting period [unless the property is sold in that period].  

Absent this functionality, I have a separate question on cheqbook.  Let's imagine I've got 5 different projects going.  They could be 5 different homeowners, or any other variation, e.g., 3 projects for the same homeowner and then 1 project apiece for 2 other homeowners.  Is there a way to tag or categorize expenses such that I can properly see the "profit" for a given project?  Otherwise, things get jumbled up and I have no idea which jobs are more profitable as all the income from the 5 jobs is heaped together against all the expenses incurred in those jobs.  

Any help on either of these questions would be most appreciated.  Still looking for the right solution for my bookkeeping / accounting needs.  Thanks very much.


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