Make it look nice!

Hi, I love CheqBook so far. I tried MINT the other day and the one thing I loved about it was the look and feel. What really really loved was that my bank was supported! So I am glad that you guys are not using Yodlee but are rather using Intuit to get the banking data.

I know the software is new so the look is lacking, but it would be nice the make it look good cause I want you guys to be super successful!!

I am a software engineer who happens to own a gas station as well. I have written my own back office system for the store and was using QuickBooks to try to manage the place.

I also wish there was a way I could import all the past transaction into Cheqbook but you isn't seem to support CSV format. I am going to write my own CSV to (supported file) conversion tool to do this. Conversion from quickbooks to cheqbooks is another item that you should concentrate on.  I was trying out Xero the other day and the conversion process was what put a stop to it.

If you guys need some free coding help, man I am more then willing to take on a side project.





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