How to Add/Edit a Linked Bank Account

You can connect your online bank or credit card account and have your transactions sync automatically using the steps below. You can also create an account by uploading transactions downloaded from your financial institution. You can also make changes to your linked account at any time.

  • How to add a linked account
    • From your dashboard select "Link a Bank or Credit Card Account"
    • When our data partner's screen loads, select "Continue".  We current work with MX for our bank data feeds.  They handle the job of securely loging into your bank and gathering transactions.
    • Begin typing your Bank name on the screen, then select your bank from the options.
    • Enter your  User ID and Password that you use to log into your bank account online. 
    • You may be prompted for secondary authorization, such as a code the bank sends you by text. 
    • Once you've successfully linked your bank accounts, Cheqbook will then offer you to select the accounts you wish to connect
    • Any accounts linked that day will be automatically selected.  Unselect any you do not want in this set of books.
    • For the one's you're adding, identify the type of account (bank or credit card), and take this opportunity to edit the name of the account to something more useful.  For example Bank of America may call that account "Free Business Checking".  You may want to call it "Bank of America Checking - 1234" where 1234 is the last four digits of your account number.  
    • When you're done, save your changes.

It takes up to 15 minutes or longer for our data partner to connect to these banks, download the transactions, and begin to share them with Cheqbook.  Take a break and they should be there when you return.

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