Can't Stand Captcha? Neither can we! Switch to a Social Login with Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Using Google, Facebook or LinkedIn as your login method is the best way to bypass the the annoying captcha routine.  It's much easier to login, it takes just a single click if you stay logged into your social media account.

To link your existing Cheqbook account to a social network, you first need to make sure that your social account uses the same email that you have registered in our system. If it's different, then first change your email in Cheqbook to match the social media account.

Then, to enable the social login go to and click on the desired network button, either Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

After the authorization, the social site will take you back to Cheqbook and our system will recognize that you are an existing user.  Cheqbook will request your password one last time to confirm that you want to enable the social login, and then you're done!


Why do we have Captcha?

Unfortunately the web is not a safe place.  We've had miscreants write scripts and create thousands of blank user accounts.  Only Captcha works to shut this type of attack.  We hate it ourselves, but using one of the three third party logins we support resolves it.  

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