What is Net Transfers to/from Personal on my Balance Sheet?

This account exists only for users who have turned on tracking of personal transactions.

Before reading this, you should be familiar with how Cheqbook handles the mixing of these transactions, as discussed in this FAQ:


This account is essentially a cumulative total of the net profit or loss your personal income statement has had to date.  Like Retained Earnings, it accumulates all the transactions in your personal P&L and posts them to the balance sheet. 

There is no detail if you click on it, unless you've made your own adjustments to the balances in this account.  For example some people prefer to close this account to distributions or retained earnings at the end of every year or other period, but most do not.

If you wish to see detail, run a Profit and Loss, including personal transactions, from the beginning of your company to the date on the balance sheet you wish to get the detail for.  The "Personal Net Income" at the bottom of the report will tie to the balance sheet account "Net Transfers to/from Personal".

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