Adding MX Accounts to Cheqbook Linked Accounts

This article is for users who need to either:

  • Add an MX account they previously passed on
  • Match a Cheqbook Linked account to a different MX account

MX Accounts

These are the bank accounts that MX has found when you connected to one or more financial institutions.  Each bank you connect through the MX data service it may have one or more accounts available for you to connect.  For example you may have both your personal and business account at the same bank, and when you login to your bank's website you see them both with one login.  Each of those are an MX account.

MX Connections

Those bank credentials you provided MX create one MX connection.  In the future if you change the password for that bank you'll have to re-authenticate the MX connection.  You only have to do this once for the MX Connection, each of the MX accounts that came with that connection will also be re-established.

Cheqbook Linked Accounts

In Cheqbook you can match an MX Account with a Cheqbook Linked Account.  The linked accounts show up at the top of your dashboard.

Add Accounts Page

When you first create a MX Connection, all the accounts that are available with that bank will be listed on an Add Account page in Cheqbook. On this page you:

  1. Check next to the accounts you wish to add to this set of books
  2. Name the accounts as they should appear in Cheqbook
  3. IMPORTANT: indicate whether they are bank (checking savings) or loan (credit card) accounts so that Cheqbook puts the transactions in the right direction

Once your selections are done, hit the appropriate button to save your changes.

Getting BACK to the Add Accounts Page

Sometimes you want to add a previously connected MX Account that you previously passed on.  To do so follow these steps:

  1. Select "Manage Linked Accounts" on your dashboard.
  2. The "Match Accounts" page will come up, please click "No Changes" here.  This page is for matching accounts to the correct Cheqbook account, not for adding new ones.
  3. The "Pick New Accounts To Add to Cheqbook" page comes up, and you can add the MX Accounts you previously passed on.

Once you link these accounts give it 20 to 30 minutes for the transactions to arrive, often sooner.

Update: in some circumstances the "Pick New Accounts to Add to Cheqbook" page does not come up, typically if you previously added then deleted the MX accounts.  If so, please describe the problem in detail an email to and we will reset those accounts so you can add them.

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