Quarantine vs. Immediate Mixing

One of the major ways that Cheqbook differs from other software is how we deal with new transactions that are downloaded from your bank.

In the early days of automated books, most software dropped them in with the others.  This turned out not to be so good, as they mixed good transactions with bad, and it was hard to keep track of which ones need attention.  You often reviewed the same transaction again and again.

So, most quality accounting software started quarantining (our term).  They hold new transactions off to the side, and provide increasingly efficient means of allowing you to check and approve their tentative categories before they join the rest of the transactions.

This works, but if you haven't logged in for months you may have hundreds of transactions to review before you can see just how your company is doing, even roughly.

Cheqbook solved this a different way with our color coded icons.  All your transactions join their brethren just as soon as their downloaded, but they're "tagged" with an icon that lets you know how accurate they are.  You should immediately categorize the reds, for example, before checking your financial results. But the yellow and blue categories can often be left to later when you have more time.

In fact, for mature sets of books that have been highly refined, we find that the blue categories start to become highly accurate, and often don't need any review.

You can learn more about our color coded method here:



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