How to Add/Edit Accounts (unlinked)

Cheqbook allows you to add and edit custom general ledger accounts to match your needs. We have multiple ways to create a new account.

Note:  Cheqbook is designed with accounts already set up for you.  Cheqbook knows these accounts and can recognize where a transaction belongs.  By creating a new account, you will have to manually direct a transaction to the new account, and then future transactions with the same Payee will automatically do this.


Method 1

  • From the Dashboard, we recommend you add an account by scrolling down to the chart of accounts, then at the top left corner of the list click on New Account.  
  • Name the account and select it's balance sheet classification to save.  
  • You may also click on "Create General Ledger Account" in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard, but we do recommend you review the existing chart before you do so, the account you need may already be there with a different name than you're considering.


Method 2


  • From the any page, you may add an account by clicking Accounts icon from the main menu to the left and selecting Add next to the Chart of Accounts header (immediately below the linked accounts).
  • Name the account and select it's classification to save.  



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    Deborah Plance

    Hi Lisa,

    I see the instructions on how to 'add' an account, but not how to 'edit' an account. I am needing to change a name. Also, are you able to reclassify an account type (change from 'expense' to 'other expense', for example)? Can you assist me with this please?



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