Troubleshooting issues connecting your bank account (level 1)

Please be patient.

The process of adding a linked bank account can take more than 5 minutes.

Select which accounts you want to use

The final step of the connection process is picking which banks you want to use at Cheqbook. You can select the accounts you want by checking the checkbox. You can also rename the account to something more recognizable. For example, "Chase Checking" instead of "Basic Checking".

Keep an eye on the screen.

In many cases, the bank or credit card company will require additional information be added to connect your account. An example would be a secret question and answer that you set up such as "What is your mother's maiden name?" . Cheqbook can only except answer to these questions within 90 seconds. If you miss this window, you will need to restart the process over by clicking back or going to "Add Account"

Verify your login information. 

If you are unable to add your bank account, verify you login information works by logging into your bank or credit card company.

Contact support.

If you find that you still have trouble, please contact support by creating a ticket or sending an email to We are happy to help.

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