How the Blue Categorization Engine Works (Mapping!)

The Blue categorization engine is based on your history and works under a simple two step principal:

  1. it remembers or "maps" bank descriptions to Payees you establish
  2. then it categorizes the transaction using the rules for that payee.

For example the bank description GITHUB WWW.GIT.IO could be mapped to a payee named GitHub.  If the default category for GitHub was set to Computer & Internet Expenses then any transactions with this bank description would:

  • Show the payee GitHub
  • Be categorized to Computer & Internet Expenses
  • Sport the Blue Cheqbook icon.

Unlike many competitors, Cheqbook doesn't map directly from bank description to category.  By establishing payees as an intermediary it's much more flexible. 

  • It cleans up the payee name for you
  • More than one description can be mapped to the same payee.  GITHUB WWW.GIT.IO, GIT.HUB, GITHUB.IO, etc. can all be mapped to the payee GitHub.  
  • You can remap a bank description to a different payee or completely unmap it, including the transactions that had previously been categorized using this method.
  • We can offer advanced categorization options for a given payee, not just the default category.


When you change a default "map" (bank description to payee) or categorization (payee to expense account) and save, Cheqbook AUTOMATICALLY shows you ALL the prior transactions under the old rule AND lets you change all of them (or just some of them) to the new rule!  This system makes it easy to fix your prior mistakes (and is one of the great reasons to use Cheqbook!).

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