How to Add a Unlinked Bank Account

You may find that you cannot or don't want to link your online bank or credit card account to Cheqbook. In this case you can create an unlinked bank account in two ways.

1. You can create an unlinked bank account by uploading transactions downloaded from your bank using the steps below.

2. If you are unable to download transactions from your bank, you can create an unlinked bank account and manage your transactions manually using the steps below.

  • Login to
  • Click "Dashboard"
  • Click "New Account"
  • Enter an account name like "ABC Bank Checking"
  • Select "Cash & Equivalents" in the account group
  • Click "Save"
  • From the Account Menu on the left, select your new account "ABC Bank Checking" from under "Cash & Equivalents"
  • From this page, you can manually add transactions using the following steps:
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    Doug Levin

    Actually, there is another way.  By going to manage accounts, and adding an account in the group "Cash & Equivalents" you've effectively created a bank or other cash account.  It will be MANUAL ONLY, but it works.  You can enter your transactions there just as you would any other general ledger account. So, there's two methods: the one Ben mentions above which will allow you to upload transactions if for instance your bank doesn't connect automatically but does offer downloads, and a purely manual register for your bank account. 

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    Ben Ward

    Good point Doug. I've updated the FAQ to reflect this.

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