How to delete a Linked Bank Account

Although rare and not recommended, you may find that you no longer need a linked bank account. You can use the steps below to delete it from the system altogether.  

IMPORTANT: Deleting an account from Cheqbook will remove all it's transactions. This deletion cannot be undone. There is no way to recover this data.

  • Login to Cheqbook
  • Select the company you want to work with (when applicable, many users only have one company).
  • Go to that company's dashboard
  • At the top you'll find the linked accounts, click ''Manage" next to the account you want to delete
  • In the upper right hand corner is an orange button, click "Delete"
  • As this is an irreversible action, we insist on extra precautions.  Please type "I understand" and then click "Confirm"

The linked bank account and all its transactions will be deleted from your set of books.

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