How does the Professional Marketplace work?

Cheqbook offers a free marketplace to match business owners with accounting professionals. Our cloud accounting software for small business has attracted a lot of new users and buzz. However, our software is ultimately only a (great!) tool. Our users need accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals to advise them now that they have their data imported and categorized. In order for them to find great service close at home, we created a pro marketplace where business owners can search for you. 


- How do I register?

Registration is done when you first create your user profile.  Check the "I'm an accountant or bookkeeper" box and you'll be prompted to add your service provider profile. Click here to sign up.

- I'm already a Cheqbook user. How do I add my profile?

If you missed this when you setup your account, contact and ask for your settings to be changed.

- How much does it cost?

The pro marketplace is free and open. There are no listing fees, referral fees, or subscription required.

- How does it work and why do I need it?

After filling out your information, there is nothing more to do. You get get leads from Cheqbook in two different ways. 

1. Anyone can use the public pro marketplace to search for accountants in their area. The directory loads pros in their area by default, but they can search by street address or zip code. Pros can then be contacted directly via their pro profile. 

2. A Cheqbook user can search and choose to share with a local pro inside their company settings. This is great way to vet leads as you get access to their books immediately.

In addition to new leads, you get inbound links to your website which improves your search ranking at Google. Lastly, we've found that Cheqbook helps spread out client work so the seasonal cycle of feast and famine is not so extreme. Clients that add and maintain their books via Cheqbook require a lot less work as they can be serviced monthly. It also makes collections easier as their is less sticker shock and financial hardship from a processing a years worth of work at once.

- How do I get paid?

Cheqbook takes no cut of professional services rendered. The pro is responsible for direct contact and billing.

- Can I use other accounting software instead of Cheqbook?

Yes. There is no requirement to use Cheqbook. We are so confident that Cheqbook is a simpler and faster way to get clients and manage books, that we don't need to add restrictions.  However, if you haven't logged into your user profile after a period of time we do remove your account from showing so that it's not filled with stale accountants.  We do want our pros to be regularly supporting at least one client in Cheqbook.

- No really. What's the catch?

There is no catch. You can edit or delete your firm data at any time.

- Why are you doing this?

We wanted to make the best cloud accounting software. We do what we do best. Local accounting professionals like you do your job best.

- How can I get certified in Cheqbook?

The Cheqbook certification program is currently in development. We will contact members of our pro marketplace as soon as we release it.

- How does Cheqbook work?

Watch our videos at to see how we are getting accounting simply done.

Cheqbook Works (1:00)

How Cheqbook Works (3:00 Walkthrough)
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