How to view supporting documents

There are two ways to find supporting documents that have been uploaded to Cheqbook. One method is view the transaction that the document was attached to. 
However, it may be easier to find document via the Documents page using the steps below.

  • Login to
  • Select the books you want to work with.
  • Click the company name in the upper right and select "Documents"
  • To Search for a document by attachment name or payee
    • Enter a document name in the search window and click "Search"
  • To View/Download an attachment
    • Click the attachment name to view the transaction in a new tab. Depending on your browser, non-image formats such as pdf might download instead of display in the browser.
  • To Delete an attachment

      • Click the minus button to the right of the attachment
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    Eric Gibbs

    is there a way to add the document to the bill. I hate keeping paper copies and do not see a way to attache them!

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