How to import items

Items can be imported into Cheqbook from a CSV file (comma separated values). We built it to work with QuickBooks standard export format, but it should work with other system formats as well. See the example file attached to get an idea of how it should be formatted. 

To import a list of items:

  • Log in to Cheqbook and select your company (if you have access to more than one company).
  • Navigate to the Invoices section and click on the button labeled "Items"
  • Click "Import Items" at the top right of the page
  • The next page should be titled "Import Items." Click on the "choose file" button and select the file you want to upload.
  • You can "Preview" the upload to see the items that will be imported. This is also to make sure the system can read the CSV file properly and the data looks correct before actually creating records.
  • If everything looks good, then click "Upload."

Some things to note:

  • The Name field is always required all other fields are optional.
  • The "Preview" step is optional.
  • Items with duplicate names, either from the file or already in the system, will be ignored.
  • We do not save the file; we read from it and then discard it.
  • Default account names that are not recognized will be marked as Uncategorized.
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