How to copy or reverse a transaction

Sometimes it is nice to be able to copy (or duplicate) a long split transaction, and avoid tedious manual entry. Cheqbook allows you to copy, as well as reverse the amounts of, any *transaction in the register. 


The "Copy / Reverse" option is available inside the split window of a transaction under the "More options" menu (see more_options_menu). Click this option and a popup will be loaded with a field for the new transaction's date and the option to reverse it (see copy_transaction). Checking the "Reverse" checkbox will (surprise!) reverse the amounts of the transaction for the new copy. If everything looks good, then click "Confirm" and a new empty green circle transaction will be created with the same information as the original. Note that it is an empty green circle and you will need to "clear" it by clicking the green circle icon (changing it to a green check) before it can reconciled. If the new transaction is in the same date range as the register being viewed, it should be added to the page. 


* Invoices and Bills excluded

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    Anonymous A6705c20bf

    terrific!  i made this request not that long ago. it is already done. superb!!  now it is a breeze categorizing & reconciling.

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