(Old) Why do I get duplicate transactions in linked bank accounts?

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On a rare occasion, Cheqbook will get a duplicate transaction from a linked bank account.

How should I resolve duplicates?

Delete one of the duplicates using the steps below.


Why do we get duplicates in the first place?

This is likely caused by pending transactions at the bank. Cheqbook's policy is not to download transactions from your bank that are marked as pending. Pending transactions can have their date, payee, and other critical information changed from day to day. Let's take the following example.

  • Let's say a pending transaction for "CostcoWarehouse" on 05/20 gets imported.
  • That night the bank updates the date on that transaction to be 05/21 and the payee gets updated as "Costco".
  • The following day Cheqbook syncs the transactions and see the same transaction as a different transaction. This same transaction gets imported a second time with new info. This creates the duplicate. 
  • The severity of duplicates depends on the bank. While it is not an easy change to make, changing banks has often resolved this problem. In general, the larger the bank, the better it will work with Cheqbook.

Cheqbook and our data partner Intuit are constantly working to improved our import code.

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