How to revert a transaction

When working with your transactions in Cheqbook, you may find that you want to revert any changes you have made to a transaction. You can use the steps below to either revert a transaction back to it's original state  we got it from the bank or credit card company or resubmit it to the coding engine after making other changes (like to Keyword or excluded terms).

  • Login to
  • Click "Dashboard"
  • Click "Manage" next to the bank account that has the transactions you want to revert
  • Click "Revert/Resubmit"
  • Search for the transaction(s) that need(s) to be reverted
  • Select the transaction(s) and click "Revert" or "Resubmit" depending on your needs.

Resubmit works primarily to reclass bulk transactions after making Keyword or excluded word changes, see this FAQ for further details:



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