How to print a check

In Cheqbook, you can pay bills by printing check or matching bills to existing transactions.

Note: There is no way to print a check without a bill at the moment. However, the feature is planned.

  • Click "Bills"
  • Select the bills you want to pay.
  • Optionally, adjust the amount if this is a partial payment.
  • Click "Pay Bills"
  • Select "Record Existing Payment" to pick a transaction already in your system.
  • Select "Print Checks" to print a check to Quickbooks compatible check stock.
  • Select the Checking Account, starting check number, and type of check stock.
  • Click "Save and Download PDF"
  • Enter the check stock in your printer.
  • Print your checks
  • If the checks printed correctly, select "Yes, Save Payment". Otherwise, click "No, There was a problem". If you click no, you will be given the chance to reprint.
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    Anonymous 333484b9d9

    Does the printing of checks print the MICR line as well?

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