How can I add another company?

With Cheqbook, you can manage multiple companies under one subscriptions depending on your plan. The number of active companies you can have depends on the subscription plan you currently use. Our starter plan, Proprietor, only supports one active company. You can use the steps below to add an additional company and upgrade your plan if necessary.

  • Login to
  • Click your company name from the upper left
  • Click "New Company"
  • If you don't have any room on your plan for additional companies, you will get a message saying that adding a company will upgrade your subscription.
  • Enter your company name, telephone, and any additional fields by clicking "Advanced"
  • Click "Save"
  • Start working with your new company.

Important: You can archive existing companies so that you can create new active companies. Archived companies cannot be edited and will not sync with your bank. Archived companies do not count towards your active company limit. See the steps below for archiving and unarchiving companies.

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