How can I archive or un-archive a company?

Cheqbook allows you to archive a company. You might want to archive a company if you are no longer using that company or set of books and would like make another company. Archiving is always a better alternative to deleting a company as deletion is permenant. When you archive a company, it is no longer editable and will not sync with your bank. The number of active companies you have is limited per plan. For example, on the one company Proprietor plan, archiving your company will let you create a new company without deleting your existing company. You can also unarchive a company so it become editable and can sync again. However, you will need to have available room in your plan for a new company or you will need to upgrade. You can use the following steps to archive and unarchive a company.

  • Login to
  • Click on your email address in the upper left.
  • Click "Manage Companies"
  • Select any companies from the left that you want to archive.
  • Click "Save Changes"
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