How do I edit a transaction?

You can edit a transaction in Cheqbook using the following steps.

  • Login at
  • Select the company you want to work with
  • Click "Accounts"
  • Select the account of the transaction you want change. This can be either side of the transaction. For example, if you want to edit a transaction for $10.00 debited "Petty Cash" and crediting "Costs of Goods Sold". You can select either account to look for the transaction.
  • Search for the transaction by date or amount.
  • You can edit the transaction by clicking the fields you want to change and typing.
  • Click the colored icon or press return to save.
  • You can also click the more button to get more options to change.
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    Gerald Foley

    I want to reconcile my register but there is one transaction that posted after the closing date on my statement and it won't let my bank statement and register coincide. I need to change the date on the transaction to the date posted rather than the date of the transaction. I had to unmatch the transaction, delete it and re enter it with the later date. Now I can reconcile to date.

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    Doug Levin

    If I understand your dilemma I think you did just what I would have done.  When the transactions dates we get from Yodlee don't match your bank statement, that's a headache that makes it hard to reconcile.

    Hopefully you don't keep having this problem with the data, but if you do drop us a message at  There may be something we can check with Yodlee the data provider on.

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