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How to create or edit account subgroups



  • Kirk Khasigian


    Is there a way to edit an existing expense account (such as the Postage & Delivery account) and make it a subgroup?  Such as making Postage & Delivery a subgroup of a General & Administrative expense account. Thanks! 

  • Paul Berkobin

    In addition to Kirks question, I wonder if there is a way to delete expense accounts that come stock with the program. I would love to streamline the list. Is this possible?

  • Kimberly Bingaman

    This seems to be designed backwards. Generally in bookkeeping, you take your standard accounts and split them out. So for example, I want to take the existing "Advertising & Promotion" expense and add subcategories to it: "Event registration fees," "Event giveaways," etc. I can't figure out how to do this in Cheqbook.

    Would also love to be able to delete expense accounts I don't need, as Mr. Berkobin mentions above.

  • Andrews Margare

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  • Terry Pierce

    I have to agree with Kimberly, the existing functionality seems to be backwards.  It seems it's intended to move existing standard accounts into sub-accounts of new primary accounts.  However, I need the complete opposite (which is quite customary in other accounting software) which is to create sub-accounts underneath the existing standard accounts.  Am I missing something?


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