How can I manually sync a linked account?

Cheqbook automatically syncs your linked bank or credit card accounts once a day. However, there may be a case where you would like to manually sync your account using the steps below.

  • Login to
  • Click on the company you want to work with.
  • From your dashboard, click 'Manage' next to linked account you want to refresh. Alternatively, you can click 'Manage Account' from the register.
  • Click the 'Refresh' button to start a manual sync.
  • It may take a few minutes to see any new transactions if they exist.
  • IMPORTANT: You may not see transactions within the last 48 hours. Cheqbook will not sync pending transactions from your bank. Pending transactions can change at the bank. If Cheqbook were to download these transactions before they are finalized, it is possible to get duplicate transactions. We appreciate your understanding.
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