Creating "linked" accounts for manually uploaded transactions only (or what to do if your bank isn't listed?).

If you can't link your bank account for automatic downloads, you can still create a form of "linked" account that will let you upload transactions yourself instead.  This is common issue for most non-US countries as well as for smaller financial institutions in the United States which Yodlee our data provider doesn't support.

This link provides guidance on what the upload process is and how to make it work smoothly.  It will explain most of what you need here.

That discussion mostly covers how to upload transactions to an existing linked account.  If you were not able to link it you can still save time by working with a manual upload account instead.  These are always grouped with the other linked accounts on your dashboard.

You do this by following these steps:

1.  From the dashboard click "Create Manual Upload Account"

2. On this screen you'll get detailed instructions for uploading your first data file. 

Note that this way of creating a General Ledger (GL) account is VERY different from creating one in the chart of accounts (lower on the dashboard).  Even though you can add bank and credit card GL accounts, you will never be able to upload transactions to those accounts.  

If you ever want to upload transactions you must create a Manual Upload Account.  Fortunately these accounts also allow you to manually enter transactions.

Quick Recap:

Regular GL Accounts: manual entry only.

Manual Upload Accounts (a form of linked account): uploads and manual entry.


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