Security and Privacy Questions

Please read this FAQ if you have questions about Cheqbook Security or Privacy issues.

First, we break these issues down into two important and very different areas:

1.  Access to your banking login and password

2.  Access to your financial information (your company's records stored in Cheqbook).

With your bank logins the potential exposure is tremendous so we take appropriate steps.  First, we do NOT see or keep these login protocols.  Our data partner MX provides a connection resource that they manage where you enter your credentials.  It has a slightly different look from the Cheqbook app.  MX (a far larger and more secure company) keeps these credentials and uses them to login to your bank account and share your banking information with us.  They give us a token back that grants us access to the information they collect.   

On the second issue, whether or not Cheqbook staff have access to your financials, the answer is yes, but they are not allowed to look without your permission. Initially we didn't even have this capacity, to ensure our users had the maximum amount of privacy the only way we could see your financial records as a whole was if a user shared their books with us.

Unfortunately, we quickly learned that the users that typically needed support often had no idea yet how to share their books with us, and this prevented us from helping them.  

Now Cheqbook support and development team staff have the ability to "grant access" to anyone's books, but by policy they must only do this if they've asked your permission first or you've implied it by the issue you're asking us to look at.  Additionally, if you go into your sharing settings you see them listed there as having access (it will be someone "name" You can kick them out at any time once the support issue is over, although they usually remove themselves.

As with all systems, the quality of the people who work for Cheqbook is your greatest security.  We're still a small team, but we always hire ethical individuals due to the extremely private and secure nature of our work.  

Please contact if you have any further questions or issues with this important matter.

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