Linked Accounts


View/Manage all your linked bank or credit  card accounts.



Linked Accounts are bank or credit card accounts. You can select an account from the list to work on. You can also add a new account or a new linked account. that Cheqbook automatically retrieves data from.



Add a New Account: Click "New Account" to create an account for a new client.

Add a New Linked Account: Click "New Linked Account" to add a new bank or credit card account to the list of linked accounts. 

Review Matched Transactions: Click "Matched Transactions" to match the manually loaded transactions with the bank downloaded transactions.  Allows you to view and reverse any mismatches.

Select a linked account to work on: Click "Open" to load data for that linked account.

Manage your Account: Click "Manage" to access details on your linked account.

  • Click on "Edit" to modify your account.
  • Click on "Upload" to save the modifications to your account.
  • Click on "Re-authenticate" to re-authenticate the your account with the financial institution after you make changes.
  • Click on "Revert Transactions" to return transaction to the bank returned data. Any modifications you have made to the transaction will be erased.
  • Click on "Delete" to delete a linked account.
  • Click on "New Term" to create a new Blacklisted term. 


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