New Invitations


Create an invitation to be sent via email for someone to become an authorized user of the current set of books with a specified role.



Each user who is given access to the company account does so with a assigned role. These roles govern what activities they can perform on the account. Each new user has to be invited by the Primary or Full User to gain access.



Email: Enter the email address of the person who you want to invite to have access to the company account.

Role: Select the role (i.e. the level of access) that you want the person to have:

  • Full User: Can do everything but delete the company.
  • Limited User: Can create bills, invoices, payees, customers, and transactions. Cannot modify company settings, accounts or sharing settings. Also able to manually upload transactions to an existing account.
  • Read Only User Can view everything and change nothing.

Invite: Click "Invite" initiate the email invitation to a prospective authorized user.


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