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Search, create, edit or delete payees.



A Payee is a person or business who is to receive the stated amount on a check. The payer is the party making a payment while the payee is the party receiving the payment.



Create a new Payee: Click "New Payee" to create a new Payee. See documentation for New Payee.

Import: Upload payees from a CSV file.

Search for a Payee: 

  • Search Alphabetically: Click on the first letter of the Payee name to get a list of payees whose name start with that letter.
  • Use Search Field: Enter a name in the search field and click "Search".
  • Return to Entire List: Click "Reset" to undo the search and return to the entire list of Payees.

Edit a Payee: Click "Manage" to edit information on a Payee. See documentation for Edit Payee.

Delete a Payee: Click "Delete" to delete an individual Payee. You will be asked to "Confirm" or "Cancel" the deletion.


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