Default Invoice Messages


Edit the default subject and message for an email to be sent to the customer that includes a link to the invoice.



An invoice (sales invoice) is a document requesting payment for products and services. In this case, a sales invoice is applied
to Customers of the Cheqbook user. The invoice usually includes the products/services, quantities, prices, and payment terms. 



Enter Subject: Write the default subject in the "Default Email Subject" field.

Enter Message: Write a default message in the "Default Email Message" field.

Save: Click "Save" to save your changes.

Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel your changes.

There are variables that you can use in your subject or message field. The variables will be automatically filled in with information taken from your invoice. The available variables are listed in bold:

  • %invoice_payment_total%: The invoices's total
  • %invoice_issue_date%: The issue date
  • %invoice_due_date%: The invoice's due date.
  • %invoice_customer%: The name of the client 
  • %invoice_subject%: The invoice's subject 
  • %invoice_id%: The invoices's ID  
  • %company_name%: Your company's name

Example Message:

Dear %invoice_customer%,

A total payment of %invoice_payment_total% is due on %invoice_due_date%.

Best Regards,

%company_name% Customer Service Representative


Additional Resources:

Wikipedia Invoice

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