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On this page, you can pay a bill, edit a bill or create a new bill.



An invoice (sales invoice) is a document requesting payment for products and services. In this case, a sales invoice is applied
to Customers of the Cheqbook user. The invoice usually includes the products/services, quantities, prices, and payment terms.



Create a New Bill: Click on "New Bill" to create a new bill. See documentation for New Bill.

Find a Bill: Type information into the search field and click "Search". Click "Cancel" to undo the search.

Pay a Bill: Check the bills your want to pay, adjust the amount if necessary, and then click "Pay Bill" to start the process to pay a bill or bills. Select the activity: "Record Existing Payment" or "Print Checks".

  • Record Existing Payment: Select "From Linked Account" or "From Unlinked Account"
    • From Linked Account
      • Linked Account: Select the Linked Account that the payment should be applied from.
      • Date: Enter the date of the payment. Defaults to today.
      • Notes: Enter and additional notes.
      • Check Number: Enter a check number.
      • Click "Continue" to apply the payment.
        • Click "Confirm" after verifing the transaction that will be created for this payment
      • Click "Cancel" to cancel the bill payment procress.
    • From Unlinked Account
      • Account: Select the Account that the payment should be applied from.
      • Date: Enter the date of the payment. Defaults to today.
      • Notes: Enter and additional notes.
      • Check Number: Enter a check number.
      • Click "Save" to apply the payment.
      • Click "Cancel" to cancel the bill payment procress.
  • Print Checks
    • Checking Accounts: Select the checking account that this payment should be applied from.
    • Starting Check #: Enter the starting check number. This number is updated automatically every time you print.
    • Layout: Select the check stock layout to use. You can pick from "Voucher"  with one check on top or "Standard" with three checks to a page.
    • Click "Save & Download PDF" to create the PDF file for printing. Alternatively, click "Cancel" to cancel the bill payment procress.
    • After downloading the PDF file, open the file and print it using Quickbooks compatible checkstock.
    • If the check prints correctly, click "Yes, Save Payment" when asked if the checks printed correctly. If not, click "No, there was a problem". This will keep a payment from being created and the bill will remain as is. When attempting printing again, update the check number if necessary.
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure you are using the correct print settings to get correct alignment. See the following FAQ for more information.

View Bill Details: Click the "View" button on the line of the bill to view the bill. 

  • Edit the Bill: Click "Edit" to edit the bill.
  • Delete the Bill: Click "Delete" to delete the bill.
  • Return to Pay & Manage Bill page: Click "Done"

Delete the Bill: Click the "Delete" button on the line of the bill.


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