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The Default Category is used to pre-populate the category of a transaction when using this payee in the Register. If the Employee ID Number is a SSN (Social Security Number) make sure to check the SSN box so the system knows to encrypt it! Form 1099 indicates the payee is to receive a 1099 form and should be included in the 1099-MISC Report. 


Blue Mapping: Click "Blue Mapping" to go to the Blue Mapping page where you can modify and or delete the Blue Mapping that has occurred for this Payee. If you modify the Blue Mapping categorization for a Payee, all other transactions for that Payee will receive the revised categorization.

Merge: Click "Merge" to merge the current Payee with a target Payee. Fill in the name of the target Payee in the pop up box and click "Confirm". The current Payee will be removed by this action and merged into the target payee. Any bills, transactions and matching bank descriptions will be transferred to the target payee.

Transaction: Click "Transactions" to view a list of transactions by the Payee that is being edited.

Advanced CategorizationCurrently under development.

Delete: Click "Delete" to delete a Payee.

Enter changes to the Payee information:

  • Name: (required) Enter Payee name.
  • Default Category: Select a default category from the drop down list.
    • Note: if you later CHANGE this category, Cheqbook will offer to change ALL prior transactions as well for you.  Select all or just the ones you want to change to this category.
  • Email: Enter Payee email address.
  • Phone: Enter Payee phone number.
  • Fax: Enter Payee fax number.
  • Website: Enter Payee website.
  • Address: Enter Payee street address.
  • City: Enter Payee city.
  • State: Enter Payee state.
  • Zipcode: Enter Payee zipcode.
  • Country: Select Payee country from drop down menu.
  • Employee id number: Click the checkbox if you are entering a SSN.
  • Form 1099: Click the radio button to select "yes" or "no" if Payee is to receive a 1099-Form.
  • Notes: Enter any notes in this field.

Save: Click "Save" to save changes to the Payee information.

Cancel: Click "Cancel" to exit without saving.


Additional Resources:

Wikipedia Payment

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