Manage Invoices and Customer Payments


Create, edit, and apply payments to Customer Invoices.



An invoice is a document requesting payment for products and services. In this case, a sales invoice is provided to Customers of the Cheqbook user. The invoice usually includes the products/services, quantities, prices, and payment terms.

Although the terms can be interchangeable in real life, Cheqbook uses "bills" to refer to invoices you have to pay, and "invoices" to refer to sales you are requesting payment for.


New Invoice: Click "New Invoice" to create a new Invoice or Estimate. See documentation for New Invoice.

Manage Items: Click "Manage Items" to manage Invoice Items. See documentation for Invoice Items.

Manage Taxes: Click "Manage Taxes" to manage taxes. See documentation for Sales Taxes.

Messages: Click "Messages" to edit the default text to be included with invoice or estimate when they are emailed. See documentation for Default Invoice Messages.

Default Values: Click "Default Values" to edit the default due date, invoice subject, and invoice notes for new invoices. See documentation for Default Invoice Values.

Online Payment: Click "Online Payment" to edit the online payment status and configuration for getting invoices paid online. See documentation for Online Payment.

Search: Search all existing invoices. By default, searches use the customer name. After searching, you
can change the search to look for matching invoice number or amount.

Reset: Reset the search to see all invoices.

View: View the invoice page.

Delete: Delete this invoice.


Payments from customers can come in a variety of ways.  They can be automatically deposited by a third party service (currently PayPal or Stripe), deposited after a credit card or merchant payment not connected to Cheqbook, or a manual bank deposit of check(s) or cash from your customer.

Apply Payments: Use the following steps to apply payments to invoices.

  • Check the checkbox besides all relevant invoices.

  • Change payment amount per invoice if less than total.

  • Click "Apply Payments".

  • Select the account to for the payment to be applied from*.

  • Select the payment date.

  • Include any notes for the payment.

  • Click "Save".

*See also


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