New Payee


Create a new payee.



Name is the only required field. The Default Category is used to pre-populate the category of a transaction when using this payee in the Register. If the Employee ID Number is a SSN (Social Security Number) make sure to check the SSN box so the system knows to encrypt it. Form 1099 indicates the payee is to receive a 1099 form and should be included in the 1099-MISC Report.



Enter New Payee Information: Enter information in the following fields.

  • Name: (required) Enter Payee name.
  • Default Category: Select a default category from the drop down list.
  • Email: Enter Payee email address.
  • Phone: Enter Payee phone number.
  • Fax: Enter Payee fax number.
  • Website: Enter Payee website.
  • Address: Enter Payee street address.
  • City: Enter Payee city.
  • State: Enter Payee state.
  • Zipcode: Enter Payee zipcode.
  • Country: Select Payee country from drop down menu.
  • Employee id number: Click the checkbox if you are entering a SSN.
  • Form 1099: Click the radio button to select "yes" or "no" if Payee is to receive a 1099-Form.
  • Notes: Enter any notes in this field.

Save: Create the payee.

Cancel: Exit without saving.


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