Company Settings


Edit data and settings specific to the current company.



Each company has a set of profile data, such as: name, address, telephone, email, contact names, EIN, and logo.



View / Create Authorized Users: Click "Sharing Settings" to view the authorized users and their roles. The primary user can invite others to have access with an assigned role:

  • Full User: Can do everything but delete the company.
  • Limited User: Can create bills, invoices, payees, customers, and transactions. Cannot modify company settings, accounts or sharing settings. Also able to manually upload transactions to an existing account.
  • Read Only User Can view everything and change nothing.

Delete a Transaction: Click "Allow Delete" to temporarily allow deletion of downloaded transaction. Deletions will be allowed until you log out.

Review Matched Transactions: Click "Matched Transactions" to match the manually loaded transactions with the bank downloaded transactions.  Allows you to view and reverse any mismatches.

Select a linked account to work on: Click "Open" to load data for that linked account.

Manage your Account: Click "Manage" to access details on your linked account.

  • Click on "Edit" to modify your account.
  • Click on "Upload" to save the modifications to your account.
  • Click on "Re-authenticate" to re-authenticate the your account with the financial institution after you make changes.
  • Click on "Revert Transactions" to return transaction to the bank returned data. Any modifications you have made to the transaction will be erased.
  • Click on "Delete" to delete a linked account.
  • Click on "New Term" to create a new Blacklisted term. 


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