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An bill or invoice (sales invoice) is a document requesting payment for products and services. In this case, a bill is applied
to payees of the Cheqbook user. Bills are documents where the Cheqbook users is being asked to pay. Invoices are documents where a Customer of the Cheqbook user is being asked to pay. The bill or invoice usually includes the products/services, quantities, prices, and payment terms.



Bill Information: Enter information for the new bill in the following fields:

  • Invoice Number: Enter the unique number to be attached to this bill.
  • Bill date: Enter the date the bill was created. This date is today by default.
  • Due date: Enter the due date.
  • Payee: Select or Create a Payee who will receive payment.
  • Recurring: Select time period in which a bill is to be automatically recreated.
  • Payment terms: Select the time period within which payment is required.

Expense Items: Enter information for the new bill in the following fields:

  • Expense Account: Select the Account a particular Expense Item is applied from.
  • Memo: Enter any additional information.
  • Amount: Enter amount.

Notes: Enter any notes.

Save: Click "Save" to save the new bill.

Save and New: Click "Save and New" to save the bill and start another.

Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel the current changes.


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