I don't see my latest transactions from my bank or credit card account.

Cheqbook syncs your bank and credit card data once a day. It is normal to see a two to three business day lag between when you make a transaction and when you see it in Cheqbook.
This does mean your Cheqbook balance will probably never agree with your bank balance.  
There are several factors that make up this gap.
- The time between making the making a payment and that payment being processed by the payee.
- The time for that payment to be reflected in your online bank or credit card account.
- The time until Cheqbook does it's daily sync with your online bank or credit card account.
And, most importantly:
- Cheqbook does not accept transactions for two business days on purpose.  
This last one is necessary because we've found our data providers, currently MX but previously Intuit, struggle to properly identify pending or temporary transactions, and will sometimes deliver them to us as final.  This of course ruins the accuracy of your books, but waiting these two business days to accept new transactions totally resolves this problem.
If you are missing transactions that are more than 3 business days old, you should try to re-authorize your linked accounts using the following FAQ.
As always, you should reconcile your bank accounts to make sure your books are in sync with your bank.  Here's an FAQ on that.
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